Nullarbor Couch Turf

Nullarbor Couch Turf

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Nullarbor Couch is a high quality, low upfront cost, couch grass variety that is perfect for full sun backyards. A great choice for budget landscaping and for home owners with lawn care experience – Nullarbor Couch will look fantastic and thrive with a dedicated maintenance program. Fertilise seasonally, keep pests and weeds at bay then sit back and enjoy this summer stunner for your instant green outdoor space.

Nullarbor Couch is a fine leaf couch grass that thrives in full sun conditions. Deep green in colour and stunning in Summer, this is a lawn with lower upfront costs – though requires greater care to maintain a dense, healthy green coverage.

Nullarbor Couch is the go-to lawn for low cost landscapes, though is limited to full sun locations to stay healthy and green. Relying on seasonal fertilisation and pest and weed control, this is a lawn that is suited to a home owner who isn’t phased by a dedicated maintenance program.

Perfect for:
 Full sun backyards and open spaces
 Home owners with lawn care experience
 Budget outdoor spaces completed with affordable, quality turf

Need to know:
 This grass variety requires at least 7 hours of direct sun per day
 This grass is not shade tolerant
 This grass needs a less-than-average mowing schedule
 This grass needs seasonal application of fertiliser
 This grass has increased need for herbicides and pesticides
 This grass may take longer to recover from hard wear / heavy use

The turf is 1200mm x 600mm in size. It comes into our depots every Friday. If you wish to reserve any please call us on (07) 3288 9477 – Raceview, (07) 3281 7888 – Chuwar, (07) 3814 3602 – Redbank.