NuPurpose Premium Potting Mix 25L

NuPurpose Premium Potting Mix 25L

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NuPurpose was recently put to the test against a major potting mix brand. It held more than 50% more water than its competitor. 

NuPurpose puts health and vitality back into your garden and creates the best growing conditions for your plants. It offers greater performance in general growing situations and peace of mind that you are using the highest performing potting mix available. The active biological ingredients contain natural, slow-release nutrients that encourage healthier root systems and healthier plants.

NuPurpose is suitable for most planting applications. This mix complies with the requirements of AS 3743 for a premium potting mix.

NuPurpose is a leading garden-to-garden innovation made under strict controls. It beneficially reuses healthy, green organics from Aussie gardens to make the best quality compost in the market. Combined with mineral ingredients, NuPurpose takes our garden byproducts full circle via this Queensland-made, environmentally-friendly, professional-grade potting mix.

Planting tips

Potting a new plant or re-potting an old one

  • Fill the pot part-way until the plant can sit on top of the mix at the right finished level (the finished surface of the potting mix should be at least 1 inch below the rim of the pot)
  • Take the plant out of its container if it has one, place it in the centre of your pot and fill the rest of the pot with more mix
  • Tap the pot, lightly pack the mix down, water it thoroughly and keep the plant out of direct sunlight for approximately two days

When to re-pot

  • If your plant is stunted, deformed, pale and dull, top-heavy, generally declining or water is draining too quickly through the soil, then it may be time to re-pot your plant
  • To check, tilt the plant on its side and gently slide the plant a few inches out of the pot
  • Look for roots that are circling around the inside of the pot, matting at the base of the pot or poking out of the drainage holes
  • That’s the best time to ‘step up’ your plant by moving it to a larger pot, fixing several problems at once including restricted root space
  • This is also a great opportunity to replenish tired potting soil, encouraging a healthier plant with more room to thrive in a container more suited to its larger size

Watering tips

  • It’s generally best to water your plants when approximately the first inch of potting mix is dry (in summer, in Australia, some outdoor potted plants will need watering daily, especially when temperatures exceed 30°C)
  • Your plants will tell you a story, so you can base much of your watering decisions on how the plant looks and by testing how dry the soil is with your finger
  • Start by moistening the surface of the soil first because this reduces ‘surface tension’ and makes it easier for the mix to absorb water
  • You can’t ‘overwater’ your pot plants as easily as you think you might – but if the water starts coming out of the drain holes then you can definitely stop!

Fertilising tips

  • Wait for approximately one month before fertilising a plant you have just purchased or one that you have freshly potted/re-potted – fresh potting mix usually contains fertiliser and plants also need time to get used to their new pot before receiving more fertiliser (NuPurpose contains slow release nutrients that gives plants time to settle into their new pots)
  • Fertilise plants only during their active growth phases – generally from spring through to summer – and never fertilise a plant that is weak
  • Reduce your fertilising in autumn and consider switching to something like a tomato fertiliser that is potassium-rich and will help your plants during winter
  • Consider using no fertiliser or only a weak dose during winter as most plants grow slowly during that season – and don’t fertilise a plant that is dormant
  • Alternate your fertiliser between slow release and quick release products because this will give your plant a more ‘balanced diet’ – a great and lesser known tip


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