Sir Walter Buffalo DNA Certified

Sir Walter Buffalo DNA Certified

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Sir Walter DNA Certified is Australia’s favourite buffalo lawn. Characterised by its broad leaf and thick root system, it is exceptionally shade and drought tolerant and makes a great choice as a low maintenance lawn.

Ideal for homes with children, family pets, shaded areas and sunny backyards, Sir Walter DNA Certified is a versatile lawn option for the Queensland climate. Being DNA Certified, it is the only genuine Sir Walter buffalo available on the market that is guaranteed to perform.

Perfect for:
 Home owners with children and / or family pets
 Aesthetic landscaping with shade from plants, trees, structures
 Drought-like conditions
 Coastal properties with exposure to seaspray
 Australian backyards of all shapes, sizes and locations

Need to know:
 This grass variety requires at least 2-3 hours of direct sun per day
 This grass needs a regular mowing schedule
 This grass needs seasonal application of fertiliser
 This grass may take longer to recover from hard wear / heavy use

The turf is 1200mm x 600mm in size. It is a SPECIAL ORDER ONLY product . If you wish to order any please call us on (07) 3288 9477 – Raceview, (07) 3281 7888 – Chuwar, (07) 3814 3602 – Redbank BY 5PM WEDNESDAY.