Natural Gypsum 20kg

Natural Gypsum 20kg

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Revive dense, hard soils that are difficult to cultivate with our Premium Grade Natural Gypsum Clay Breaker – 100% Organic, Australian mined calcium sulphate.

In healthy soils, calcium dominates over sodium and magnesium to encourage clay particles to aggregate (clump). Air, moisture and plant roots can penetrate easily.

When sodium or magnesium dominate over calcium in the soil the clay particles don’t aggregate as well. The soil becomes dense, hard and difficult to cultivate.

Natural gypsum is the best way to add calcium to these tightly packed soils. Boosting the calcium levels helps to break up the clay, making it easier to dig and more receptive to crop roots and moisture.

QLD Organics Gypsum Clay Breaker is:

  • 100% natural, pure and fine gypsum
  • mined in Australia
  • low in moisture
  • low in cadmium
  • screened <3mm to flow easily through spreaders
  • certified by Biological Farmers of Australia, Australia’s foremost organic certification body.
Great for
  • Breaking up clay soil to prepare for planting

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